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We help brands harness AI to work smarter & grow faster.

"companies that don't start preparing now are going to be in trouble”

Artificial Intelligence will have a profound impact on brands and their agency partners by 2025.

- The MIT Technology Review

Meet AirStack:
Human Creativity Meets AI Tech To Fuel Your Team's Potential.

We get it... the hype, speed and promise of AI is a little overwhelming. So, how do you seperate the mania from the stuff that's meaningful?

We believe creative talent and human problem-solving is at the core of great businesses. Our mission? Simple. We provide teams with the skills, the vision, and the tools to harness AI and emerging technology with the goal of reducing  the friction and time-wasters that muddle the process of arriving at great ideas, memorable customer experiences and profitable outcomes.

We specialise in empowering diverse customer-focused teams across marketing, creative, content, media, digital products, sales and beyond - to navigate the practical productivity-boosting benefits of emerging tech safely and effectively. 

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Tom Pitney

Founder & Strategist

Untrained teams using tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, or MidJourney can inadvertently risk your company safety.

Training models on company IP

Leaking sensitive commercial information

Breaching data privacy laws or regulations

Infringing on copyrights & trademarks

Relying on inaccurate or biased information

Workshops & Training.


Equip your teams with essential AI skills to stay ahead of the curve.

AI Compliance Essentials: Navigating Risks, Regulations and Ethical Practices for all teams.

Safeguard your brand and customer data with our comprehensive workshop on AI compliance, tailored to customer-focused teams across marketing, content, product and sales teams.

Generative AI:
Best Practices For Creative Agencies & Brand Teams.

Learn the best practices for using generative AI to augment creativity, brainstorm and refine ideas and speed up process and delivery.

AI For Leaders:
Essential Skills For, Managers and Project Leads.

Learn to strategically implement AI for business growth and decision-making in leadership roles.

Prompting Masterclass:
Boost Productivity withChatGPT, MidJourney & more.

Learn to use Generative AI (GenAI) more effectively with advanced prompting frameworks tailored to help teams get higher quality and more consistent results from AI engines to boost productivity.

Customise your own workshop, tailored to your businesses unique needs:

Digital AI/ML Growth Consulting Services

AI Growth Consulting 

Image by Brooke Cagle

We can help assess your business, plan your AI strategy and adopt powerful AI tools to speed up the efficiency of your business:

AI use-case Analysis

Industry Impact Assessment

Data Strategy and Systems

AI Policy and Governance

Fine-Tuned Models

AI Marketing

& Sales Optimisation

Processes Automation

Custom AI Tools  & Databases

Tech Stack Evaluation & Vendor Support

Change Management

What's an AI Consultation?
Get started with a free AI consultation. We'll learn more about your team or business and provide a no obligation recommended pathway for you to navigate new opportunities presented by AI. 

Book a free AI Consultation

AirStack Studio

Generative AI Studio Creative Production

Meet the next generation creative agency, launching in July 2023.

We're bringing together leading creative thinkers with generative AI and our own fine-tuned automations.  This will allow us to help brands and their agencies to improve the speed, quality and effectiveness of their content and creative,

Be the first to know about AirStack's Studio's plans: 

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