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Learn Essential  AI Skills To Protect Your Business, Lead Change  And Shape The Future

The AI masterclass for Leadership Groups

Upskill your leadership team with practical AI skills to navigate change. In our 3 hours masterclass, they'll learn essential Artificial Intelligence skills to make decisions, unite teams and navigate the risks and opportunities of emerging tech.

Who is this workshop for?


of employees use ChatGPT for work and hide it from their boss.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know the  potential legal, data, and IP risks associated with AI tools like ChatGPT are a repetitional disaster waiting to happen if unchecked.

  • Despite your attempts to engage with AI tools like ChatGPT, integrating them into your organization's ecosystem poses a challenge.

  • You're captivated by the potential AI holds for your organisation, but the technicalities of this complex field make it unapproachable on your schedule.

  • Current AI tool usage in your teams is sporadic and unsynchronised, failing to align with your culture, data management and goals.​

  • While you see the tremendous potential of AI, rallying your team around this innovative technology is a task you find challenging.

The corporate landscape is experiencing a subtle yet profound disruption as emerging tech provides unprecedented growth avenues

Leadership teams that are leveraging AI are driving innovation, enhancing efficiency, and improving their decision-making processes. With the exponential benefits of AI tools, organizations that hesitate risk being left behind. 


Don't let a 'watch and see' approach be your downfall.

of global executives agree AI models will be essential to compete within 5 years.

How are you placed to keep up?

Stay Ahead of the Innovation Curve with AI

In-person workshop with industry experts.


Our engaging 3-hour workshop is designed to help your leadership team harness the disruption brought on by AI and convert it into a strategic advantage. Our experts will provide hands-on learning, equipping your team with the AI skills and strategies required to transform your operations and ensure significant ROI.

AI Marketing Fundamentals:
Understanding the impact

Productivity Boosters:

Hands-on training 

Put AI in action 

Create your AI Roadmap


  • Your office / team offsite

  • Hands on skill-building with experts

  • Interactive problem solving games


  • 3 Hour session (inc. short break)

  • 1 hour virtual version available  

Next Steps: Download our price pack and our AI tool will build customise the workshop offering to your team with fixed and transparent pricing.


  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Limited availability for Perth/Adelaide 


While we wish we could accommodate everyone, time in 2023 is booking fast and will need to take a first-in approach

Program Benefits 
Following this session, your team will have the capability and confidence to...

Harness AI Best Practices

Embrace the leading-edge practices of AI in your agency. Drive compelling campaigns, streamline processes, and accelerate success, conquering the marketing landscape like never before.

Navigate Security, Regulation & IP Risks

Manage AI-related risks, from ChatGPT to bespoke security needs, regulations and intellectual property. Safeguard your brand's reputation and trust, empowering smoother, worry-free operations in an AI-driven world.

Faster Briefing & Pitch Responses

Speed up your briefing and pitch responses dramatically using AI tools. Outpace competitors, delight clients with swift responses, and win pitches with informed, data-backed proposals

Supercharged Strategic Plans

Ignite your strategic thinking with AI-enhanced insights. Make informed decisions faster, see trends before competitors, and pivot with confidence, turbocharging your agency's strategic prowess.

Tap New Generative AI Creative Frontiers

Explore the transformative potential of generative AI in creative campaigns. Break the mold with innovative AI-driven concepts, captivating audiences and setting industry trends.

Create, Test and Optimise Assets

Adopt more efficient workflows to create, test, and optimise your marketing assets using AI. Reduce guesswork, minimise stakeholder feedback and eliminate ineffective assets faster to drive more effective campaign results ever time.

"What do I think of AI? I think it's coming, and it's coming fast.
And it's going to be awesome"

Garry Vee AI Marketing.jpeg

Gary Vaynerchuk

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur


Each participant will gain 3 hours per-week: or your money back

How many team members in your workshop?



How much is an average participants time worth?


How much is this workshop worth to your business?


The value of the productivity we guarantee to unlock in your business over 12 months*

Hours gained per year for each  participant



Weekly value unlocked per individual participant

Weekly value unlocked (all participants)


 5 ways your Agency or Brand team
will benefit from AirStack's AI Masterclass


Protect Your Business & Team From Risks

Safeguard your operations by preventing breaches of law, industry regulations, and exposure of your sensitive commercial IP to public AI models like ChatGPT and MidJourney. Our training helps you understand and mitigate potential AI risks.


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Creative Workflow With ChatGPT


Boost Productivity

This AI Masterclass takes you beyond the buzz of ChatGPT, offering practical processes specifically designed for brand, agency, content and creative marketing teams. We'll cover the tools, tasks and automations for project management, brief creation, pitch responses, comms messaging through to media planning and reports - boosting your efficiency.

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AI To Elevate Insights & Strategic Thinking

Our session will equip your strategists with the knowledge to integrate AI into campaign development, helping them gain insights faster and create more robust plans. With our tools, your team will transform the way they work, enhancing both speed and quality

Using AI for Strategy and Pitch Responses

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Using MidJourney and Steam Motion for Advertising Campaigns and Creative Ideas


Unlock New Creative & Content Frontiers

Artificial Intelligence is not a creativity killer—it's an amplifier. Our AI workshop will show your team how to use AI as a springboard for new ideas and innovation, all while optimising content and campaign effectiveness

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AI Skills For Opps & Account Service

Our workshop will give your team the opportunity to learn practical AI skills, brainstorm opportunities together and get hands-on to crack productivity time-busters to get you ahead of the AI curve. Our workshops are offered online and in person.

Using AI for Strategy and Pitch Responses

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Ready to Future-Proof Your Marketing Team?

Let’s turn inevitable AI disruption into your competitive advantage 

Take the step your competitors might still be considering.


Equip your team with the AI skills and strategies that will streamline your processes, ignite creativity, and drive substantial ROI. No time to waste - the future of marketing is already here and all it takes is 3-hours to begin understanding and tapping its transformative and profound potential.  

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