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Supercharge Your Property Business With AI 

The AI Masterclass for Property & Real Estate Teams

The acclaimed AI training session, tailor-made for Australian realestate agencies, investment advisors, project developers and advocates to understand and get ahead of distruption.

Early access special

Book a FREE 1 hour virtual team workshop ($1,860) before December 2023

Who is this workshop for?


of employees use ChatGPT for work and hide it from their boss.

Does this sound like you?

  • You've tested AI tools like ChatGPT, but aren't sure how to integrate them into your business effectively

  • You're unsure if the team is following best practices to avoid the legal, data, IP and security risks of tools like ChatGPT that could come back to haunt you? 

  • The implication of AI in real estate excites you, yet you're grappling with how to take action

  • Current use of AI tools is erratic and disjointed, failing to sync with your data, business rhythm, knowledge, tone, style and needs.

  • You understand the potential of AI, but unifying your team around this innovative technology is challenging.

What's covered in the Property AI Workshop?

Our signature hands-on AI Workshop is packed with practical skills and hands-on activities to align your team on opportunities to revolutionise your property, realestate and advocacy business:


  • Clear, simplified AI insights

  • Tailored strategies and use-cases for your business

  • Cost-effective and high-impact solutions

  • Practical, hands-on experience

  • Free post-session AI Roadmap with tailored strategic recommendations and next steps.

Book your free AI Workshop for your marketing team

Hands-On AI Implementation Strategies

Practical, business-focused insights.

Learn From Real-World Case Studies

Learn from successful AI applications.

Customised AI Integration Plan

Tailored for your business needs.

Receive a free 90-Day AI Integration Roadmap

Kickstart your AI journey.

Available as a free virtual session or in-person workshop


FREE 1-hour online session 

Our free, no-obligation 1-hour virtual session. We'll provide essential skills, understanding and workshop ideas to overcome challenges in your business. Following our workshop, we'll develop your complimentary post-session AI roadmap.


2 hour in-person workshop

Our 2-3 hour interactive in-person session is more tailored and allows your team more time to brainstorm, evaluate and innovate. With specific content around the threat and opportunities in your sector, you'll get a more extensive post-session pack with resources and scoped recommendations for action. 

Please note:  places for both workshops are limited and subject to availability.  We have remaining sessions available for November and December 2023 however, spots are limited.

Outsmart Your Real Estate Competition

AI is Sweeping the Property Market: Are You Keeping Up?

The real estate landscape is undergoing a stealthy disruption as emerging tech opens new doors to grow.   


Proactive teams leveraging AI in their workflows are growing leads, selling more, delivering more efficiently and expanding their services - boosting margins along the way. The exponential benefits of these tools means those with a 'watch and see' mentality will be rapidly left behind. 

 Can you afford to wait?


"What do I think of AI? I think it's coming, and it's coming fast.
And it's going to be awesome"

Garry Vee AI Marketing.jpeg

Gary Vaynerchuk

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

 5 ways your Property & Real Estate business
will benefit from the AI Masterclass


Shield Your Business, Assets & Team From Risks

Minimise risks of legal pitfalls, data breaches, and inadvertent exposure of precious commercial IP with our AI Masterclass. We cover legal and ethical AI applications, protecting your reputation, and securing your data assets in an increasingly AI-driven real estate industry.


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Creative Workflow With ChatGPT


Unleash Time-saving Efficiencies

Discover AI's potential to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up your team to focus on high-value activities. From streamlining property management to enhancing client communication, transform tedious tasks into AI-powered processes that boost growth and productivity

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Revolutionise with AI Market Insights

Leverage AI for unparalleled market insights, strategic decision-making, and pricing predictions. Our workshop equips your team to harness AI in property valuation, trend analysis, and strategic planning. Unearth insights faster and devise robust growth strategies that outperform the market and boost client engagement.

Using AI for Strategy and Pitch Responses

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Using MidJourney and Steam Motion for Advertising Campaigns and Creative Ideas


Personalised & Efficient Client Experiences

Learn how AI can revolutionise your client experiences, offering personalised services, impressing potential vendors, and delivering engaging campaigns. Our masterclass workshops integrate AI into your unique systems, driving efficient, customised services that enhance client satisfaction and conversions.

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Automate & Optimise Property Operations

Adopt more efficient workflows to automate and optimise your property operations using AI. Reduce manual tasks, minimise stakeholder feedback time, and eliminate inefficiencies faster to achieve more successful outcomes every time.

Using AI for Strategy and Pitch Responses

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Ready to Future-Proof Your Property & Real Estate Team?

Let’s turn inevitable AI disruption into your competitive advantage 

Take the leap your competitors might still be contemplating.


Equip your team with the AI knowledge and strategies that will streamline your operations, foster innovation, and generate substantial ROI. No time to waste - the future of property and real estate is already here and all it takes is 3 hours to start comprehending and utilising its transformative and profound potential.

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