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AI Consultants

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Create your AI Strategy, roadmap and guiding policy.

Unlocking the power of AI is like a muscle that strengthens over time - it's forged through a deep understanding of your team's capabilities, your unique attributes and finding ways to overcome the barriers that get in the way of their full potential. 

We believe partnership and ongoing collaboration is the key to keeping ahead of change. Though our AI consulting packages, our experts can become an extension of your team, learning about your existing processes and ways of working to uncover opportunities that seamlessly fit your workflow . We delve under the hood of your business to uncover what truly drives you and provide solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.

AI Capabilities In Your Team

We suggest partnering with us in one of two ways. 

AI Consulting Retainer Model.

Over an agreed period of time, we can work with your team as partners and/or representatives over an agreed scope of work.

AI Project Scope.

Responsible for delivering on individual projects with an agreed scope of work to a deadline.

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How our clients use our AI consulting hours:

AI Strategy.

AirStack will evaluate the impact of emerging technology on your business, assess what competitors are doing, identify risks and evaluate potential use-cases and opportunities. Through this process. we'll create a clear, actionable blueprint tailored to your needs, aiming to drive profitable growth and ensure you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. 

Team Coaching.

AirStack's Coaching provides your team with weekly updates and monthly training to improve prompt engineering, workflows, data management, and safety. Through this process we keep your team on the pulse of best practices and making sense of the rapid developments in the field and how it applies to this. This aligns your team, helping them continuously improve their knowledge and skills to keep ahead of the curve. 

AI Policy.

Our AI Policy & Governance consulting service focuses on establishing solid frameworks that provide leaders and teams with best practices and guidelines to follow when using AI tools.  From ethical AI usage, ensuring compliance, mitigating security risks and leaking sensitive IP. This service safeguards your business reputation and aligns your team in navigating innovation safely.

Vendors and Resources.

AirStack offers Vendor and Resource Evaluation and Support, providing expert guidance to identify and assess your AI, data, and technology investments. We pinpoint gaps in your internal and external talent, resources, and third-party tools, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding skillsets, agency partners, and tech stack. Our focused approach ensures that your AI and automation projects are not only successful but also strategically well-positioned.

Let's chat about your business and how we can add value to the team.

Meet AirStack's Leadership Team

AirStack is powered by AI consultants, strategist and developers, led by Tom Pitney and Marcus Willis.  

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