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Use AI to save time, money and automate growth

As AI reshapes every industry, AirStack is Australia's leading AI Consultancy, helping you innovate, automate and secure an ROI-edge.

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The AI Innovation Agency.

We help clients to understand, plan and launch AI that positively enhances teams and drives new revenue.

AI Training

Empower your team

Our renowned AI Workshop will up-skill your team with best practices to leverage tools safely.

AI Consulting

Plan your strategy

Create a strategic and measurable approach to keep ahead of disruption.

AI Tools

Deploy AI automations

Develop AI tools, prototypes and workflow automations that boost your team's capacity and capabilities.

AI expertise meets deep industry experience.

We work with small-medium business, through to large enterprise across Australia, NZ and the APAC region.

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Book a free, no-obligation AI consultation


The AirStack AI Workshop.

Let's unlock your team's AI superpowers

The AirStack AI Workshop equips business leaders and teams with the practical skills they need to navigate and leverage AI. Our hands-on session cuts-through the hype, sharing industry insights, tips and best-practices to boost productivity while avoiding the legal, IP, and security risks created by tools like ChatGPT. In this session we'll identify and evaluate use-cases and follow up the session by developing a tailored AI Roadmap with recommendations and next steps.

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Your strategic growth partner.

As your AI consultant, we partner with you to understand what drives you and then develop strategies, policies, governance approaches and coaching to take effective action. As an extension of your team, we'll implement, measure, and refine AI approaches to test, learn and improve the efficiency of your business over time as we work towards clear measurable goals.

Financial Data

Launch custom AI that seamlessly fits your team.

AirStack creates tailor-made AI tools that easily blend into your current workflows. With our approach to rapid-prototyping, we design and train AI that's built on leveraging and protecting your data, so that systems are designed around elevating your thinking and knowledge. Our goal is to speed up your business operations, improve quality, and show clear returns on your investment. We're aiming to build standout examples in the industry, working with you to develop innovative solutions that save time, cut costs, and keep you ahead in a rapidly changing business world.

AirStack news and AI resources.

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Not sure where to start? 

Book a free, no-obligation AI consultation

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