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Meet Bazza-GPT: The Australian AI ChatBot That Tells You What It Really Thinks

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Australian AI Chatbot Bazza-GPT imagined by itself
Bazza as imagined by itself

Australian AI consulting group AirStack have today launched Bazza-GPT, an AI assistant that thinks it's a true-blue Aussie legend.

AirStack is thrilled to unveil 'Bazza-GPT', a groundbreaking AI chatbot radiating with authentic Aussie "bogan" charm. This cheeky AI companion is set to redefine the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), showcasing the limitless possibilities for businesses and brands to infuse emerging tech with creativity, personality, and a touch of Aussie spirit.

Bazza goes well beyond the the typical 'convos' that Aussies might have with ChatGPT or Google Bard, with a complete backstory comprising of his missus (Shazza), strong opinions, up to date knowledge about this weekend's Grand Final (dare you ask), and a detailed 'memory' of growing up in 'Straya'.

"We're not just launching a chatbot; we're unleashing a revolution in AI interaction!" says Tom Pitney, the founder and creator of Bazza-GPT at AirStack.

"We're here to demonstrate that AI can be a canvas for creativity, a platform where brands can paint their visions and bring joy and laughter to their audiences. Bazza is our way of saying, 'Let’s reimagine the boundaries of AI, let’s infuse it with fun, personality and fine-tune it with knowledge that helps teams or customers in their day-to-day life."

Australian AI Influencer Bazza GPT
Bazza as imagined by 'himself' fishing in North Queensland

While the AI discourse has predominantly revolved around concerns of job displacement and the mechanisation of tasks, Pitney passionately believes that much of these conversations are overshadowed by fear and lack vision.

"It’s time businesses witness the transformative power of AI!" asserts Pitney. "It’s not about machines taking over; it’s about harnessing AI to enhance our capabilities, to elevate our potential. We can craft AI to be an extension of us, to resonate with our values, our culture, and our aspirations. It’s about creating AI that’s not just smart but also wise, empathetic, and, yes, even hilarious!."

But don't be confused. Bazza himself is the first to admit, he's "not the sharpest tool in the shed"

According to Bazza:

I'm a lazy bugger, but I don't mind a bit of biff for what's fair dinkum. Fair warning, I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do know a thing or two about the latest on the footy, especially if it's anything to do with me mighty Magpies takin' home the chockies in the Granny! 🍻🚬

Bazza-GPT is not just an embodiment of Australian culture and humour; he is a symbol of innovation and the boundless possibilities that AI holds. He is here to break the stereotype of AI being impersonal and to show the world that AI can be a source of entertainment, connection, and value. While AirStack's clients, who stretch across leaders in the property, marketing and creative spaces aren't focusing on cheeky 'banter' - they can apply this technology to train assistants based on their people, IP, processes and documents.

"Bazza stands as a beacon of what’s possible in the realm of AI!" declares Pitney.

"He’s here to shatter the stereotype of AI being monotonous and robotic. He’s a testament to the boundless possibilities of applying technology in innovative ways to not just serve and assist but to also entertain, amuse, and create value. Bazza is our bold statement to the world – AI can have a personality, a sense of humour, and a heart!"

Bazza has even started producing his own content. In experiments by AirStack, the model was provided a sequence of steps, starting with discussing his passions, generating content ideas he would like to share, and then producing a caption. The following is an example of the automation. In the future, it's hoped the AI will be able to produce and schedule content and even automatically respond to comments on 'his' posts.

With the introduction of Bazza-GPT, AirStack is not just launching a product; they are pioneering a movement to redefine AI interaction, to make it more human, more relatable, and more enjoyable, all while maintaining the essence of the true-blue Aussie spirit. So, get ready to experience a revolutionary interaction with Bazza-GPT, where technology meets humour, innovation meets culture, and where every conversation is a journey into the future of AI!

Images of Bazza

When the AI was fine-tuned and asked to build out a 'descriptive analysis' of itself, the AI created the the following images which were then generated with various AI image generators. AirStack is using this collection to fine-tune an image generation model that create fully autonomous content for Bazza's Instagram account that people can follow for updates.

Chat with Australian AI Chatbot, Bazza-GPT:

Experience the revolutionary chatbot and see how it combines technology and culture to offer not just efficient responses but a genuine connection to the Australian spirit. Ready for some good ol' Aussie banter? Give Bazza-GPT a burl and share your experiences using #BazzaBanter.

About AirStack:

AirStack is a leading AI consultancy based in Australia, with significant presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We specialize in empowering businesses with advanced AI skills, workflows, and automation tools, enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Our mission is focused on helping companies navigate through the complexities of artificial intelligence efficiently and effectively, fostering innovation and excellence across various sectors including Marketing, Content Creation, Creative Design, Property, Real Estate, and Executive Leadership.

Beyond our innovative chatbot, Bazza-GPT, we provide a range of services and resources aimed at integrating AI seamlessly into business operations to enhance efficiency and productivity. AirStack is committed to exploring the potentials of AI and is a trusted partner for companies looking to leverage technology for a smarter, more connected future. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of technology and drive the AI revolution forward.

Curious? Give us a chat. Crack open a coldie and laugh with Bazza-GPT, the AI chatbot who speaks your language.

Press Contact Information:

For more information, press only: please reach out to Tom Pitney

Email: tom @


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