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Custom GPT for realistic portrait photography

Using ChatGPT to generate high quality AI photos of people

What we created

AirStack's Custom GPT tool leverages OpenAI's advanced API to address a specific challenge in portrait photography: capturing the intricate details and subtleties of human features. While tools like DALLE-2 have led the way in generative art, they often fall short in accurately portraying human expressions and emotions. Our Custom GPT fills this gap, offering a more precise and detailed approach to portrait creation.

Our tool stands out for its ability to create portraits that are not just images, but authentic representations of human subjects. By utilizing sophisticated prompting techniques, it goes beyond the capabilities of general AI art tools, delivering portraits that capture the essence of their subjects with a remarkable degree of realism. This makes the Custom GPT an essential tool for photographers and artists who require a higher level of detail and emotional depth in their work. With its focus on human-like accuracy and expression, the Custom GPT tool is redefining the standards of AI-assisted portrait photography

Example Portraits generated with ChatGPT and DALL-E 3

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